Friday, 20 November 2020

Lego Pandemic Set

I received this from the male offspring today. Too good not to share.


  1. I read this in a hurry, and it bothered me, so I came back to it. It's amusing, but I'm still uneasy whether it is true (fake truth?). I've lost a lot of confidence lately.

    I like Lego, though my youngest son achieved such a tortured level of devotion that we are all still a little scarred. I once entered "Minifigs" in a search engine (you know which one), which was a mistake, because I have received junk mail and newsletters from Lego fetishists ever since. For some reason, I seem also to be registered internationally as a follower of Playmobil, which is certainly not true. Focused advertising, you see - what more could we ask?

    1. That’s the plan. They get inside your head so you doubt yourself. I think. 🤔