Saturday, 14 November 2020

Interesting article on professional wargames

Google has been throwing up some more interesting links (from my point of view) lately in amongst the usual chaff. I don’t know what kind of algorithm comes up with such frequent links to Daily Excess’ propaganda war against Megan*. 

Anyway, today there was a link to an item about the operational/strategic interface in professional wargames at the US Naval College. It’s a 3-part article and I’ve only so far read part 3, but I found it fascinating. It references command and control and unit movement mechanics in leisure wargaming - it specifically calls out board games, but the mechanics mentioned are familiar to figure wargamers.

There was another link in my feed yesterday to a discussion amongst leisure wargamers. Of that more anon. For now here’s the professional wargaming link:

* the frequency and the sheer bile and pettiness is staggering  (I only read the headlines without clicking the link, honest. Well usually). I won’t go further here but there is a distinct whiff of racist hypocrisy about the way Captain Wales’ wife is treated - there was a rather and funny item on the Mash Report about the subject.

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