Sunday, 27 June 2021

Harry’s War

I finished this last night. A gripping read. Very informative of day-to-day life on the Western Front in WWI. And very well written by Drinkwater. Useful explanatory notes by the editors.

Only one quibble is that Harry served until 1920 including a spell in Egypt after the Great War finished, but the diary extracts stop in November 1918.  Maybe he stopped the diary then but I don’t get that impression.

Now to get back to my ECW reading.


  1. I've got great uncle Fred's war diaries, another WW1 published, illustrated diary,he goes out to the middle east,lots of interesting details, by all means, back to the War of three Kingdoms!
    Best Iain

    1. Sounds interesting. I learned a lot about daily routine on the Western Front, and how some of the Pals battalions were ‘acclimatised’ (though I don’t know if that was deliberate).
      There’s a section when Harry’s division gets moved to Italy to shore up the front there after Caporetto. Not something you hear much about.