Sunday, 20 December 2020

Tiers of a Clown

Looks like I won't be getting any face-to-face games in with my son this Christmas. Not being able to have him here fullstop is a big disappointment to all at SchloƟ Nundanket, but needs must and life goes on. I suppose we must grin and bear it, and learn not to get our hopes pinned on any particular date in the future. Lockdown 2 affected my mood much more than Lockdown 1. With this, I'm learning to roll with the punches. We have our health and we still have our incomes, so we're lucky really. In fact said offspring has a Covid-related job, so it's an ill wind......

It's still a bugger though. Agh!!

2020, reminding you that it's still here with a quick slap in the face and a knee to the groin.

Gotta larf entya!

Post script. Actually, talking of clowns and football, remind me to tell you of recent shenanigans around Grimsby Town Football Club.


  1. Great title post which made me smile. We are still in Tier 3 whilst everyone else around us is in Tier 2, despite sharing the same hospitals, services etc! As you say, at least we are hale and hearty at present, fingers crossed, which is the most important thing for sure.

  2. Great Post Title - says it all really.