Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Exercising and Rebellious Colonists

Today I bagged the final 2.4km needed to reach my October target of 31km swimming, having completed my cycling goal of 310km on Sunday. So job done with four days to go.  Good job too as I got a puncture on Monday (luckily only 2km from home) and the weather isn't inviting enough to repair it outside. I have a couple of days off so hopefully I'll find some time when it's not so wet to repair/replace the tube.

I'll keep the daily average target at the same level next month. The weather is noticeably colder now* and daylight is in short supply. One thing that's encouraging me to keep cycling, despite the wet, is the fact that we're back to being a one car household and Mrs Nundanket has first dibs due to needing it for work and college. I sold my old banger weeks ago as I hadn't used it since lockdown started. So not only has it saved me a bit of pocket money, it's doing me some good.

* it gives me an extra incentive to complete my allotted number of lengths in the pool in good time. The changing 'facilities' are cubicles outside and you don't want to be queuing wet when the whistle signals the end of the session!

Another thing I'm chuffed about is I've made progress on painting the Rebels. Bar some touching up, I've finished a unit of Continentals (in classic hunting shirts) and a unit of militia. Units are c 32 rank & file plus a command stand. Just the Brits to 'lighten up' and I'll be eager to get them based when the order arrives from Pendraken. I'll have some reinforcements for both sides too, so as one batch leaves the painting table, another arrives.


  1. Success on two fronts! Well done! I look forward to seeing your new AWI units.

    1. Cheers. I need to find a way to challenge myself more so the exercise doesn’t go stale.
      The AWI figures won’t be picture perfect, but they’ll be OK at arms length.

    2. In 10mm, it is the mass effect at table distance that drives the experience. They are going to look fab.

  2. Well done! My excercise seems ( walking only ) is a tad sporadic and I need to be more consistent with it. I too look forward to seeing your figures.

  3. Good to see you're ahead of your fitness targets. With the weather turning and it being wet for the past week or so, finding the drive to get out on my bike is hard.

    The Pendraken AWI range is lovely so look forward to seeing your finished units.