Friday, 14 August 2020

Washington War Walks

That’s DC, not the state - sorry Jon!

It seems I’m not the only one to go visiting local historical sites on ‘lockdown walks’. This chap (historian Graham Cornwell)  writing in the Washington Post hit on the idea of visiting all the ACW forts and batteries surrounding the US capital during the lockdown.

If by any chance you are near that section of the Potomac it might be worth following up a few of the links in the article to the individual sites’ webpages.


  1. Next time I visit DC, i may try to add one or two of these. With Manassas battlefield being so near to DC, it is hard to pass a revisit to that fine battlefield.

    1. That whole region of the country must be a rich seam to mine.

    2. Indeed, it is! A buddy and I made a thirteen ACW battlefields tour in the area over a long weekend several years ago . It was great fun.