Saturday, 19 October 2019

....and a parade

I didn't get any wargaming done (fell asleep after lunch) but I did finally get around to putting flags on my ECW horse and the rest of my foot.  Once I actually got cracking I had a burst of energy and got on with re-boxing my SYW figures.  This entailed lining more Fererro Rocher boxes with magnetic paper and putting magnetic strips on the bases of the soldier. I had enough for just the Prussians. To gets the Naps and the rest of the SYW collection done I reckon I'd need about 12 more of the FR boxes. Oh dear! I'll have to make one of those pyramids with the chocolates and play ambassador.

Late edit: Oh I nearly forgot to mention that the old Ikea boxes that previously housed the SYW Prussians were re-purposed for storing my woods (the boxes are slightly too shallow for the tallest conifers, but they'll bend a little as they're made out of 'bump' pipecleaners). Fortuitously they all just fit in the two boxes. This means I could get rid of the scruffy old cardboard boot box they were previously stored in. So an overall improvement in neatness - M.Foy would be pleased, if it wasn't for all the flock.

Later I decided it was time to get all of the ECW collection out and set them up on a 1-for-1 basis. So here they are: a regiment of foot about 500 strong, with forlorn hope and guns out in front, and 4 troops of horse on each wing (about 300 in total excluding command figures). There are several more command bases in the boxes - I've just laid out one per troop or company).

Pikes are laid out 9 ranks deep, shot 6, and horse 3 deep. The foot regiment is 76cm wide with 76 figures in each rank. Going by the vertical scale (10mm) these are widely spaced (say 5 foot something per man) due to the figures being on the chubby* side and there being space on each side of the bases. * Must be all those Ferrero Rocher.

There's some farm implement armed clubmen lurking behind with the carts


  1. I love a parade.

    good looking force mix there.

    as always the minis start to look best when they appear 'en masse'

    1. The other thing it does is make you start to appreciate why it was so difficult to manoeuvre formations. And these are deeper and narrower than their equivalents in the 18th century.