Monday, 13 April 2020

A challenge - as you were

A bit of a re-think on the FaceTime game with my son. I was originally toying with three options:

  1. An ECW scenario based on the action on Seacroft Moor in Yarkshire
  2. A Continuation War assault by Finns on Soviet defences in 1941
  3. A Continuation War fighting withdrawal by Finns in 1944

2 and 3 would involve the first time use of Tigers at Minsk or my own ‘back of a fag packet’ (savukepaketin takana?) rules (untested).

I’ve decided to put options 2 and 3 on the back burner for now until I’ve had a run through with the rules. There’s too many ‘new’ things already with the ‘telegaming’. Apologies for the neologism - if there’s an existing word I’d love to know it.

Option 1 also looks tricky until I can work out how best to deal with the distance versus scale I’d like to do the combat at. As this scenario was inspired by the Civil War in Yorkshire by David Cooke, I returned to said tome for further ideas. Then bingo! The battle of Tadcaster. Another small scale action albeit larger than Seacroft Moor. Possibly under 2000 Roundheads against 4000 plus Cavaliers with my son in the role of Fairfax and I’ll be gamesmaster/Royalists.

Kick off will be sometime this afternoon.  I’ll send the scenario briefing and maps to Fairfax shortly before kick off. The scenario has a potential surprise in store. Will see if he reads the briefing and ponders the map properly and thinks about the operational situation. There’s no chance he’ll see this beforehand as the lazy so-and-so won’t be up.