Tuesday, 2 July 2019

This will be good

A second post in a day - no that's not the Good Bit. The Good Bit is the return of Little Wars TV over on YouTube.

Little Wars TV does Gettysburg

The group who produce this includes the author of Altar of Freedom (Greg I think), a great set of grand tactical rules for the ACW. My old school buddy, Tony (who appropriately amassed an impressive 'Old School' collection) and I 'did' days one and two of Gettysburg a couple of years ago using AOF. In our scenario, day two took where we left off on day one rather than use the historical starting positions. I think we decided that the Rebs would have been all but spent after our day two so didn't go onto a third day.

These were from day two if I recall correctly. The high water mark of the Confederacy was a bit higher, and a day earlier, thanks to the Federals being pushed well clear of Gettysburg on day one. I believe that to the top left, just off table in the middle picture, you can see the Iron Brigade.  Sorry. had to be done. :-(

All figures and terrain (mainly Baccus and Tiemcast/Leven) were painted or made (fences and trees) by Tony. Great use of an old felt cloth suitably spray painted in parts, and very effective looking masking tape roads.

Anyway, back to the original point, if you haven't already watched Little Wars TV, it's well worth having a gander.


  1. Looks terrific. H&S query - is that Coke or wine in the tumbler in the far corner of Pic.1?

    I'm off to check out Little Wars TV.

    1. I'm sure it was coke. Gentleman wargamers don't drink wine out of plastic cups ;-)