Saturday, 15 February 2020

It's coming at last!

KUNERSDORF! Finally on the table. Baron von Münchausen's view from his balloon above the Oder in his escape from besieged Frankfurt.

The main Russian position. The Observation Corps on the Mühlberg to the north (top). Prussians appearing from the top.

The southerly end of the position. Austrians towards the bottom left. In the bottom left corner is the Wagenburg.

Frederick's army approaches the Mühlberg. It's going to get very hot soon.

The battery on the Grosser Spitzberg, village of Kunersdorf in the background

Back after a long lay off. Illness and a subsequent loss of my mojo, football watching, spousal and parental responsibilities have all taken their toll on wargaming in Schloß Nundanket. I should get down to the game tonight and hopefully write it up tomorrow.

It took quite a long time to set up the table (3 hours). I took some time to get the dimensions right, using one of the maps from Kronskaf for the overall positions and Duffy (see previous post on Kunersdorf) for the placement of the different troop types. I don't have sufficient Russians for the Observation Corps musketeer regiments so have used Bavarians and Austrians. And I'm a few bases short of Prussian fusileers so have had to use musketeers - must remember this when the game starts.

Table layout with some key dimensions. Had to use a photo of the file on my laptop screen because Blogger wouldn't accept a pdf file of it.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I’m expecting familiar results.

      So far the Prussians have broken into the Mühlberg defences but haven’t had it all their own way. London’s Austrian infantry are beetling up to help whilst the rest of the Russians hold their position.

  2. After three hours to prepare and setup I hope you have enough time to play the game.

    1. I had plenty of time. Not that I made full use of it. I had the set-up done by 13:15, then lunch, watched a documentary about Ikea, took one of the girls to her ballet lesson, loafed on the sofa whilst watching the Fellowship of the Ring and kept an eye on the ‘live text’ from Grimsby’s game, snoozed, picked up daughter, drafted today’s blog entry, prepared dinner and ate it with the missus whilst watching Dad’s Army and Not Going Out.

      Got about 4-5 turns of the game in before my cold got the better of me and retired to footie highlights and the end of the Battle of Britain movie.

      Should get the game finished tomorrow.