Monday, 22 April 2019

Forlorn Hope

So another blog by a middle-aged wargamer.  What’s this one about? Well my current, main interests are the Seven Years War and the English Civil War, but my wargaming interests cover the black powder era more broadly and have extended to Ancients and WWII. These days I’m mostly a solo-gamer despite living in the biggest city in Western Europe.

I hope to share some of my thoughts and ideas on rules and the like. I may stray into non-wargaming topics from time-to-time.

Most of the ground I cover are table-top battles, but I've long had a hankering after siege games and campaigns.

I’ve never blogged before, and don’t do social media like FB and the Twitter, so I’ve no idea how this will go, whether it’ll be of interest to anyone but me, and whether I’ll quickly run out of steam. But I’ll give it a go. I’ve pondered and prevaricated for long enough.

Along the way if I can entertain, inform, and stimulate feedback, half as much the other wargaming blogs I enjoy, then I’ll be well chuffed.

So here goes. Time to saddle the horses, and light matches.


  1. Good luck with your blogging.

  2. Campaigns?

    Did someone just say ECW campaigns?

    1. Yes indeed. I haven't run any formal campaigns yet, but I did have a mini 'narrative*' campaign, which is easier when you game solo. I've got a couple of posts to do on that at some point soon.

      * i.e. make it up as I go along. Really, just a bit of context for a couple of tabletop encounters.